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blacklistedandy's Journal

Andy Tonks
14 December
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Name: Andromeda (Andy) Tonks
Age/Year: Alumni, 21
Height: 5'5''
Played by: Natalie Portman
Family: Her sisters Bellatrix and Narcissa, her husband (Ted Tonks), and her young daughter, Nymphandora. Her cousins Sirius and Regulus. Her mother and father don't acknowledge her existence anymore.
Wand: 11 inch cherry wood, with a Unicorn hair core
House: Hufflepuff

Occupation: Hogwarts Teacher, Astronomy

Brief Personality: Andy is dedicated to her job, dedicated to her family, and dedicated to her daughter and husband. She does what she has to to make ends meet, and she doesn't let the fact that she was cut off from her family's fortune get her down.

Andy is almost always smiling, because she believes the choices she has made are the right ones. She still loves her little sisters dearly, though they now don't look at her, or talk to her, the same way anymore. She'd bend over backwards to help a family member. She feels hurt when her sisters don't treat her the way they used to, but the fact is, she now considers her husband and her daughter before her former relationships.

Brief History: Andy was always a strange child in the house of Black. Her father's 'princess' she was doted on by her father and hounded by her mother to try to be the 'proper pure-blooded' woman. The first blow to Druella and Cygnus' dream of a perfect daughter were dashed when she was sorted not into Slytherin, but into Hufflepuff.

Her bright and shinning nature shown in that house and she was well rounded in all her subjects, a bright little witch. She also had was in the habit of cleaning her own room when she was at home, much to the dismay of the house-elves, who punished themselves vehemently whenever she beat them too it.

When Andy graduated from Hogwarts, instead of letting her mother force her into the perfect pure-blooded match, Andy convinced her father to let her take a whirl-wind tour of Europe. She traveled on the Black fortune, and her Mother hoped it was all just a phase. She wrote letters to her sisters all the time during these few months, detailing her journeys and sending them trinkets from as far away as Prague and Madrid.

It was while she was staying in Paris, that she met Ted Tonks. The artifact hunter was a muggle born wizard with a lot of natural talent, a dashing personality and a wonderful sense of humor. After she attempted to kill him a couple times, the two hit it off. Though, to keep from bothering her sisters or family with the nature of the relationship, Ted wasn't mentioned in letters home.

On their way back home, the young couple realized that Andy was pregnant. This resulted in the worst weeks of Andy's life. Despite her own reservations, Andy finally took Ted home to meet her family. By this time she couldn't deny that she was in love with him. The meeting was a horrible disaster. It climaxed in a screaming match between Andy and her Mother, during which she let slip the fact that she was pregnant. After a second of shocked silence, Druella pleaded with her daughter to take something to 'kill the infection' leave the Mudblood and let her father cover everything up before word got out to the community at large.

Druella said all of this right in front of Ted Tonks and a very horrified Andy. The fight got worse, Ted punched Cygnus, wands were drawn, and Ted and Andy apparated to safety. To make matters worse, the Blacks reported their eldest daughter kidnapped, still not believing she was acting under her own free will. They were picked up by Ministry authorities and Ted was held for questioning while Andy was taken to Saint Mungo's and tested for anything her parents could think of to prove the match was coerced. When it was finally proven that she wasn't under the Imperious curse, or had ingested any love potions, her family finally had to accept the truth.

Right before the marriage, her family announced that Andy was cut off from the family fortune, in fact; her mother went so far as to tell family friends that Andy had died. For a young woman in the situation she and her now husband were in, this was bad news. They needed money. Six months after they were married, Andy gave birth to a girl the couple named Nymphandora. Andy then did something else unthinkable for a Black woman, she started taking jobs.

She has worked as everything from a maid-servant to a governess. It is always a hot topic at her place of employ that she is formerly of the house of Black. As soon as she could, she applied for a job at Hogwarts since she had trouble holding on to her jobs after someone would insult her husband or daughter and she would snap right back at them. Andy would take any insult to herself and her pride, but rip apart the people who dug their fangs into Ted and Nymphandora.

Though rumors still fly around pure blood circles about the nature of her marriage and family, Andy takes it all in stride and does what she can to support her husband and daughter. Her one regret in all of this is that her sisters no longer view her the way they did growing up, and Andy still tries to get them to see her side of things. She expected the loss of affection from her mother, her father and her aunt and was able to deal with that, but she still can't get over the fact her sisters think the same way. She still reaches out to them when she can; the question is whether or not they let her.

That notwithstanding, the only family member she remains on truly good terms with is Sirius, who she regards fondly.

Strengths: Hardworking, loyalty to her family, the ability to stand up for what she believes is right.

Weaknesses: She obsesses over what her sisters think of her, she secretly resents having been cut off from the family fortune, she can be moody and is sometimes given to depression.
Friends: Her husband, Sirius, Dumbledore, whomever is open to her.
Enemies: Without meaning too, most of her family.

Player Info
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AIM: KenshinBabe
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This is a role playing journal, I don't own Harry Potter or Natalie Portman at all.